Distinguished Scholar Award

This award honors those persons who have contributed greatly to the scholarly study of communal societies, both past and present, concentrating on those in the United States.


  • The person recommending the nominee should submit a written statement detailing the contributions of the nominee to the awards committee chair no later than the nomination deadline.
  • The letter of recommendation must include:
    • Bibliography
    • Exhibit list
    • Resume or curriculum vitae
    • Other relevant information and documentation about the extent and distinction of the nominee’s scholarship in the field of communal studies.

Submission Deadline

June 1st of the award year.


  1. Any person is eligible for an award, but nominators must be members of the organization
  2. Award Committee members are not eligible.
  3. Submitted materials become the property of the CSA, unless return is requested and an envelope with return postage is provided.
  4. Recommendations may be described or reviewed in any CSA publication without specific permission.
  5. Written recommendations and recommendation form must be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair by the nomination deadline.

Recipients will be announced at the annual fall conference and will receive a plaque honoring their accomplishments. This award may not necessarily be given each year.

Additional Information