Communal Societies Journal Vol 42, No. 1


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Housing in Contemporary Intentional Communities



The Value in Imperfect Endeavors: Exploring Postcapitalist and Prefigurative Practices at East Wind Intentional Community



RACHEL ISRAEL – Countercultural Crossover: Growing Up in the Love Family

reviewed by Deborah E. Altus


CHRISTOPHER JAMES BLYTHE – Terrible Revolution: Latter-day Saints & the American Apocalypse

reviewed by Martha Bradley Evans


STEWART DAVENPORT – Sex and Sects: The Story of Mormon Polygamy, Shaker Celibacy, and Oneida Complex Marriage

reviewed by Cheryl Coulthard


MA JAYA SATI BHAGAVATI – How God Found Me: Memoirs of an American Guru

reviewed by Jennifer Greene


MIKE REID – Mix Café: A Memoir of Laurieston Hall, 1972-77 and HYLDA SIMS and FREER SPRECKLEY – Commune on the Moors: A Story of Lifespan

reviewed by William J. Metcalf


RAHIMA SCHWENKBECK – The Business of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Architecture of Communal Societies in the 1960s and 1970s

reviewed by Marc A. Rhorer

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